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Heirloom Legacy Seed Company

Preserving Heirlooms Of Yesterday To Create The Heirlooms Of Tomorrow

Have you ever wondered where your seed comes from and how it was grown? Well, we are proud to say that our products are organically grown with a deep passion for quality and taste.

Committed to Quality

We take extra care in cultivating our crops to ensure that they are free from harmful pesticides and chemicals, allowing for natural growth and a healthier product.       Our team of dedicated farmers have an unwavering commitment to sustainable farming practices that help preserve the environment for future generations.


We believe that seed is not just a necessity, but a work of art that should be created with love and attention to detail. So, the next time you receive one of our products, know that you are not only supporting organic farming, but also indulging in a product that was grown with pure passion.


To preserve legacy and heirloom genetics and make true hubrids bred for profound effect and flavor.


No one likes wasting time or money. That's why we test everything before release.


Effect and flavor are given priority over yield and aesthetic.


We truly enjoy what we do. Hunting the next pack never gets old.

Everything that exists is the seed of that which shall come out of it.



Genetic variation is very important to us. We constantly try new cultivars to broaden the scope of our breeding.


The more you grow, the more you know.


If we hold on to things too tightly they could be lost forever. Sharing is caring.